What we offer

Translation services - interpreting services - language teaching


In which situations do you require our interpreting services? 

  • Notary certifications including construction, land purchase, marriage contracts and attorney consultations
  • Meetings with authorities and institutions - for example, contingency orders, weddings and business licences
  • Assistance when visiting a doctor or clinic or during extended hospital stays; during psychological assessments - for example, so-called MPU or asylum hearings

Which type of document do you require translating?

  • Foreign diplomas or certificates
  • Birth, marriage and death certificates, wills, certificates of inheritance, pension certificates, academic records and diplomas, doctor / clinic letters and medical reports
  • Contracts including commercial, corporate, purchase, marriage; Commercial Register extracts, business correspondence and websites

Simply send or show us your document and we will promptly deliver a (certified) translation, from or to all major world languages.




Would you like to improve your language skills?

  • Be better prepared for business trips or vacations abroad
  • Meet new professional challenges with greater confidence
  • For clearer understanding with your foreign friends
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