Quality control

You have put a lot of work into writing your text, so delivering a high quality product is our top priority.

Here are some key points that are very important for us and for you:


  • All translations are archived and kept for at least three years. This means that a duplicate of any piece of work can be instantly retrieved.
  • All confidential documents and data are stored securely with us.
  • All data is routinely backed up.
  • To maintain the highest standards, we always make sure each piece of work has two pairs of eyes on it, cross-checking every word, comma and full-stop.



Recognised qualifications

I graduated in 1988 with a Degree in Translation at the Faculty of Applied Linguistics at the University Mainz in Germersheim and have been self-employed since 1990 as a translator and interpreter for Russian and English work.


In 1992 I was sworn-in for both languages by the Higher Regional Court (OLG) Cologne as a translator and sworn-in as an interpreter by the Regional Court Cologne (LG) in 1993.


Additionally, I work with a network of experienced native-speaking colleagues who come from similar backgrounds.



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